May. 10, 2016

The First Cast

The late great Jim Valvano said it was a full day if you "Learn, laugh and Cry".  that is the intention of page.  There will be relevant and useful information related to fishing, a funny store or meme to brighten your day and perhaps a story or two about the big one that got away leaving at least the author crying.

This is a place you will get honest, accurate any professional appraisals of gear. Unlike some message boards where the moderators or site owners are beholden to sponsors and often champion inferior equipment Gone Fishin' will give you the full story; the good, bad and ugly.  
Like any successful endeavor this will be a continual work in progress.  We are just getting up and running so if you have any ideas or thought on content you would like to see please message me.
In the end we will not take ourselves too serious as we all know; a bad day on the water is still better than a good day most anywhere else.
Tight lines and  screaming drag's....